Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Redline Energy Drink Health Problems

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

The makers of Redline energy drinks and energy supplements face a class action lawsuit from a Texas man, who alleges that the company’s products are dangerous and caused his hospitalization. 

The complaint (PDF) was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida last week, by Adam Mirabella against Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which operates under the name VPX.

According to the Redline energy drink lawsuit, “persons who have consumed the Product have reported a range of adverse side effects, including, but not limited to, chills, excessive sweating, vomiting, convulsions, chest pains and rapid heartbeat.”

Mirabella is seeking class action status for the lawsuit, to cover all individuals who experienced similar health problems from Redline energy products. The lawsuit claims that because VPX bills the drinks as an energy supplement it should follow FDA dietary supplement guidelines, something the lawsuit says Redline packaging fails to do.

Harmful Side Effects of Redline Energy Drinks Alleged

Redline energy drinks contain a high amount of caffeine and a number of other substances, which the lawsuit indicates are known to cause adverse side effects. Potentially harmful ingredients include yohimbine, vinpocetine, and 5-Hydroxytryptophan, according to the complaint, which can cause rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness and other problems at high doses.

“This is considered a prescription drug in North America,” the lawsuit states. “Consumption of this drug is not appropriate for unsupervised use due to potentially severe side effects linked to irregular or rapid heartbeat, kidney failure, seizure, heart attach and other serious conditions such as upset stomach, tremor, anxiety or agitation, high blood pressure, a racing heartbeat, dizziness, and nausea.”

Mirabella states that he purchased a Redline energy drink in July. Ten hours after drinking it, he indicates that he suffered from excessive heart rate, extreme chest pain, lost sensation in his hands and had extreme nausea.

As a result of the health problems from the energy drink, Mirabella claims that he was hospitalized and required two days of sedation to get his heart to return to normal. The lawsuit alleges that emergency room doctor compared the effects to those of a cocaine overdose, and warned Mirabella not to ever consume any other energy drink again, due to the risk of a similar occurrence.

The lawsuit accuses VPX of unjust enrichment, breach of implied warranty, and violation of Florida consumer protection laws. In addition to compensatory damages, the lawsuit seeks to force VPX to engage in corrective advertising and to place clearer warning labels on its products.

Monster Energy and Other Drinks Also Facing Scrutiny

The lawsuit comes shortly after the family of a 14 year old girl filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the makers of Monster energy drinks. The girl reportedly suffered cardiac arrest after consuming two 24-ounce cans of Monster within a 24-hour period.

According to allegations raised in that complaint, there has been a spike in the number of emergency room visits each year due to caffeine overdoses in recent years. The increase coincides with the increase in use of energy drinks among teens and young adults.

Energy drink sales increased 240% between 2004 and 2009, and the number of caffeine overdose emergency visits increased from 1,128 in 2005 to 16,055 in 2008 and 13,114 in 2009. Approximately 56% of those visits involved individuals between 12 and 25 years of age.

In humans, caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness. Caffeine overdose symptoms are usually recognized by signs of jitters, nausea, anxiety, dizziness, and sometimes vomiting which are best warded off by ingestion of water.

Since 2004, the FDA has received at least 37 adverse event reports involving health problems from Monster Energy drinks, including at least five deaths reported over the past year and a sixth reported in 2009.

According to a report published in the September 2008 edition of the medical journal Drugs and Alcohol Dependence, researchers suggested that additional information needs to be provided for consumers about the risk of health problems from energy drinks, with labels clearly indicating the amount of caffeine and warning about potentially harmful side effects.

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  1. Kathy Reply

    My daughter has serious continuing health problems after drinking one serving of Red Line Energy Drink. This drink can be very dangerous and is certainly not worth even one more person taking the chance of having their life become as disabled as my daughters has. I know lots of people consume the same drink and have no adverse effects but it is not worth the risk. It should not be on the market since there are many confirmed cases of bad reactions.

  2. Big E Reply

    Been drinking it for years, no problems! If used in moderation, as with any stimulate you should be fine!

  3. Nathalie Reply

    My husband drinks redline drinks and each serving size he drinks makes him so irritable that no one wants to talk to him. It’s hard to have a conversation with him and the worst thing is, he doesn’t even know that he is a completely different man. He is an easy going, out going and kind man but he is addicted to this drink and he is not himself when he drinks them. I have asked him to stop and he just can’t. It’s really sad and what’s worse is he has cold sweats and dizziness and stays sick and he still doesn’t think that it is from these drinks. I actually didn’t know if he was diabetic or not because the signs are so similar to what I have read here on the warnings. If you have someone you know or love dearly who is drinking this redline drink or any other energy drink then please look into it and research it further. They may have serious health issues that a doctor doesn’t see even with blood tests. If they are having health issues and they are drinking these drinks please let the doctor know that this is a possibility. You may save someone’s life. Our 12 yr old daughter has heart problems and we keep her from caffeine and never have let her drink them but parents may not know whether or not their child has heart issues and they could die from one single serving. More awareness needs to be published and brought to everyone’s attention on these drinks. The warning for 18 or older should not be enough to keep people from drinking them. They need to be banned or at least have a law for identification upon selling to minors. Thanks and may you remain aware of the dangers. They are definitely out there!

  4. Christina Reply

    I do have to say that Redline definitely put Red Bull and Monster energy drinks to shame…..when I first tried Redline I followed the directions. I drank only half…in no time was I ready to just go. Redline works great and I do drink one a day and it keeps me going all day long. Of course there will be side effects from these drinks. I shake, get the chills and sweat…that’s how I know the drink is working. The side effects for me don’t last long at all. Something else I like about this drink is that it suppresses my appetite so I am not eating as much as I use to. For me, I am glad that I had tried this drink because it actually works. For anyone that has never tried a Redline or any other energy drink for that matter….read up on it first and make sure that you know the health that you are in or at least check with your doctor first. Monster has had how many people die from their drink? 4 or 5….and yet they are still selling them. Redline has had how many deaths? So far I have found none….so people “drink responsibly.”

  5. Jasmine Reply

    If you are a small person then obviously you should take half of a serving. Redline is made for Pre-Workout basically for big strong people.Another thing is also the way you handle your body will also determine the side effects of an energy drink. If you are that tired drink coffee or a light energy drink rather than going to a serious energy drink. A 14 year old should not be drinking 2 24oz Monsters let alone 1 Monster. She is too young and her body probably can’t handle the caffeine yet. Energy drinks have warning labels on them. Read the ingredients, look it up. Of course they are going to have other excessive perks than just caffeine. It is not the Companys fault. It is the consumers fault for being ignorant.

  6. Matthew Reply

    Everyone knows that energy drinks are bad. I have been drinking a full bottle or two serving a day of redline for the past seven years. I have experienced afew of the side effects early on such as chills, jitters, and so on which no longer occur. However if I have any problem it would be addiction. Redline is so good, blue razz is my favorite.
    Come on a class action lawsuit? Really? It has a warning on the bottle and also suggests a recommended serving to start. I dont think kids should drink them and it is a good i deal to keep them out of childs reach. I wouldn’t mix it with medication either like Ritalin or something similar.
    It is called common sense. I completely agree with Christina (above).
    P.S. Be careful, coffee is hot it may burn you.

  7. Kyle Reply

    I’ve been using Red line products for about 3 years. I started off following the directions,half a bottle to see how it made me feel and drank more as needed. I now start my days off with a full bottle. At first it made me poop, about 15-20 minutes after I drank it, one good flush out and that was that. Now it makes me need to pee alot! The worst side effect I have encountered was the chills/sweats and some twitchy-ness. An individual should know by the time they are 16 even, that they are sensitive to certain things. If your under 18, and have taken it and had a bad side effect, that wasn’t the companies fault. That was negligent parenting. The company should sue you for slanderous propaganda! The only real problem I have seen with red line products is simply they haven’t made enough of it. I have a 52 year old coworker who drinks 3-4 monsters a day, a red line in the mornings and sometimes another half red line throughout the day. His doctor told him 3 months ago to keep whatever he was doing up cause its working for him!! He eats good, works 2 jobs and rocks out with his energy drinks, guess what. He doesn’t have any adverse effects from all that. Stupid is as stupid does so expecting nothing to happen from slamming a couple doses of red line is dumb unless you know what your doing to yourself. Now, were pulling up to a Quick Trip so I gotta get out and get mine! Thank you guys for making it!!!!

  8. Ricky Reply

    The bottle CLEARLY says “Start with one quarter serving” (which is 2oz) Everywhere I’ve read on numerous blogs/comments, people say they drank 1/2 the bottle to start with!? People, you get “4 Servings out of each bottle!!!” What part of the CLEAR label/recommendation do you not understand? There’s a BIG difference between 2oz & 4oz, let alone downing the whole 8 oz. I’ve been using REDLINE for 3 years & “FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS to the T” & have NOT had any adverse side effects or experienced any problems associated with ANY of VPX supplements. I’ve been using VPX supplements for the past 10 years!!! I been working out for over 25 years. I’m 45 yrs old, 5’10” 180 lbs, 11% bodyfat, eat clean & workout 5-6 days per week. Don’t smoke, drink once in a while, no ailments or health problems whatsoever. There SHOULD be a lawsuit against stupid people who can’t follow “simple” “printed” instructions. If you cannot comprehend WARNING labels. Perhaps, you shouldn’t take it!? Parents, “talk to your kids & be involved more with them” yes there are other dangers especially when it comes to looking good, boosting confidence & self-esteem. My kids stay far away from stimulants in beverages such as Monster, Redbull, etc… Set positive examples for your children & educate them! My kids are extremely active & fit. 16 yr old daughter, 14 yr old daughter & 10 yr old son. They KNOW the dangers & CAN comprehend labels/instructions!!!

  9. Trevor Reply

    All the drinks at u must b 18 or older to buy or consume and I’m 22and of Ben drinking nos and redline for years and iv never had any problems. peaple Instead of crying about ever thang or trying to make every thang a law sute how about u read the worning label and Take as sed not chug a shit load and the complain dam yoll need to grow up

  10. Chris Reply

    I work 15-20 days a month. 12-20 hour shifts so I need energy. I drink up to 2 Redlines per shift. 3 is the most but that was on a 22 hour work shift. I’m a Paramedic. I never have any problems but I never drink more than half at a time. I start with half @ 0530 n sip the rest of the day. I don’t drink them on my off days so I can sleep n recover. It upsets me at the thought that people are seeking a payday so they can sit on their butts. This will also have the drink I need to work long shifts to take care of people removed from the shelves. That would suck.

  11. ben Reply

    I use redline like its a workout supplement/medication. Coffee gives me horrible heartburn, and i dont like all the sugar from monster drinks, as im diabetic. When used resposibley as a alert aid, redline is great for work as a emergency road side assistance dispatcher. As long as the directions on bottle are followed, i experience no side effects. Now with that said, I do NOT agree that it should be sold in gas stations next to the red bull. And you dont have to be 18 to buy it. Children should not have access to this product. what 13 year olds life is so hectic that they need this type of product?? Furthermore, children do not have the common sense and/or judgment to treat this product as a medicine. They have no fear and dont respect this redline product enough to consume it. All in all, I love redline as a 36 year old man, but dont agree with it being accessible to children.

  12. Drink responsible Reply

    I agree teens should not be drinking energy drinks, if you look in the past teens died from fourloko monster it was teens again red bull it was teens again. Why should everyone else suffer cause those teens are not being watched making the parents bad parents. Parents need to step up and take charge of their kids.

  13. Will Reply

    I have tried meth approximately 3 times. I snorted it. REDLINE energy produces the exact same feeling as a snort of meth. I cant believe its legal. Its not fun, but i can see how it can be addictive. To a normal person who never tried stimulants, REDLINE is the exact same. If you’re not experienced in the amphetamine wielworld, i suggest starting with a redbull. REDLINE will kill a normal person.

  14. Christopher Reply

    This is ridiculous. I drink 2 a day. My wife is a nurse and she checked my blood pressure 20 minutes after drinking the entire bottle and there was Zero change in my blood pressure. The bottle even says not to even drink one dose it says to drink about 1/8 of the bottle to see how it affects you. As far as minors drinking it that’s on the parents and the retailers and it clearly says it’s not for minors on the bottle.

  15. Blake Reply

    I’m 26 & I have been drinking Redline Extremes daily for the last 5 years (Every Single Day ) — Side Note : my into sounds like I’m in an Rehab Meeting …… I just recently stopped due to the fact I found out I was having very high blood pressure when I consumed them for at least 8 Hrs @ Min then would Level out to normal .

    ( Im healthy BTW — 5’10 165lb & active work environment) . It made me very moody and irritable and was completely screwing with how I function mentally from day to day over a long period of time drinking these daily

    At first they made me feel amazing till I got to the point I was only drinking them to just ” feel normal ” . I have done in-depth searches on the ingredients in the Redline Extremes and nothing really has a positive impact on my body or mind in my option . Yes, they did hyped meet the max and gave me great energy & NO I don’t have intentions to sue them it was my own action to drink this product just like every one else .

    Two month since having one and i can tell a big difference , my mood and energy level is not as dependent as it use to be . I was so addicted to them I would always try and figure out or plan to make sure i always had them in quick access in the AM when i woke up or went to work ( I use to buy 2x 24pks from ) . Sounds like a drug problem to me & I have and never once noticed it until recently . What really alarmed me was they even Haulted production to remove vinpocetine from there formula . Google search it you can’t fine nothing about why they pull any of their products and reformulate and push it back into the market only some on FDA Site . Obviously there was an Forced Change Issue by FDA. Any Dietary supplement should be required to Post a link on their Website for anyone that isn’t FDA approved and should be monitored & Researched very closely .. I no longer use VPX Products . I Aprox. Spent 4.5K Dollars on something to give me energy sounds & Minor Health symptoms/Reactions .. . Hope this helps anyone else that was in the same spot I was in once. – Blake

  16. Sierra Reply

    Ive been drinking redline continuously for the past 6 years. Ive noticed the same side effects only in the past year. I used to have no side effects minus a few minutes of flushing when it kicked in. Now im nauseous and dry gag about 5-10 minutes after taking a single dose. Im wondering if they changed up the recipe?

  17. ken Reply

    I am 70 years old and take 1amd 1/2 ounces of Redline before a lift session. A 185lb benchpress is not outstanding. NO “side effects” from Redline. The recommended dose of 4oz. is too much, makes me nasaus.

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