ParaGard Lawsuit Filed After Copper IUD Migrated, Embedded in Colon

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A Florida woman has filed a product liability lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals, alleging that she suffered sever complications from a Paragard intrauterine device (IUD), after the birth control migrated out of her uterus and embedded into her colon. 

Yolanda Hudson filed a ParaGard IUD lawsuit in Florida state court on March 4, according to a recent report by

The complaint alleges that Hudson had the ParaGard copper IUD inserted in March 2008. Although the birth control device is designed to remain in place for up to 10 years, Hudson began experiencing severe complications a year later and it was discovered that the IUD had perforated her uterine wall and migrated outside the uterus, ultimately embedding in the colon. As a result, Hudson required surgery to have part of her colon removed.

According to allegations raised in the lawsuit, Teva Pharmaceuticals failed to adequately warn women and their doctors about the risks associated with the Paragard copper IUD, which is promoted as a safe and effective form of long-acting birth control. In addition to problems with migration, Hudson indicates that side effects of the ParaGard IUD could include intrauterine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, expulsion, Wilson Disease, vaginal bleeding, septic abortion, and other complications.

The lawsuit charges Teva with failure to warn, negligence, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, and designing a defective product. The lawsuit seeks $15 million in damages for pain and suffering, disability, physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life and also seeks punitive damages against the company for at least three times the compensatory damages.

Mounting Lawsuits Over IUD Birth Control

ParaGard is a copper IUD, where a T-shaped plastic frame is wrapped with copper wire coils, which is designed to produce an inflammatory reaction in the uterus that is toxic to sperm. The device is designed to remain in place for up to 10 years after insertion.

Hudson’s complaint comes amid a mounting number of similar lawsuits that have been filed over another type of IUD birth control, which is sold by Bayer under the brand name Mirena.

The Mirena IUD does not feature copper, but rather is designed to release a type of progestin after the T-shaped plastic device is inserted into the uterus.

According to similar allegations raised in dozens of Mirena IUD lawsuits filed by women throughout the United States, Bayer failed to adequately warn about the risk of migration and perforation, which has often been seen long after the device is inserted. The complaints argue that if women had been provided more detailed and accurate warnings about the risks, many severe complications from Mirena IUD could have been avoided.

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  1. Susan Reply

    I had two surgeries and they couldn’t remove it, it’s embedded in Uterus wall, so surgeon told me either they need to remove the uterus or just leave it as it is and they’ll monitor it to see if there’s any danger!

  2. Kimberly Reply

    I had my copper IUD removed in 2011 or 2012. It was found embedded I my uterus, very close to the top of my hip. When rhe doctore removed it he said, you said you dont want anymore kids right and then he removed the IUD. It was so painful. No pain meds or anything. The IUD was horrible, I was depressed all the time, lack of energy that I still have to this day and I have to take B12 vitamins to counteract. It was very painful when I had sex, k gained alot of weight. Well, since I have had it removed I keep getting these fibrosistic tumors in crazy locations in my body that no one can seem to figure out why and how I have gotten them. I am frustrated because I never had these problems until I had the IUD removed. I am mentally and physically damaged from having the IUD. I was not aware or told that I would have any of the problems I have had.

  3. Janet Reply

    Just recently found out that I have Paragard IUD arm imbedded in cervix (10/2015) – had D&C (Nov 2015) performed, could not locate arm – hospitalized Feb 2016 with perforated colon. Insurance won’t cover anything due to IUD – bills mounting… no lawyers wants to touch – told that it is not a VIABLE case. What? Still in discomfort.

  4. Mary Reply

    I had a copper 7 IUD . In the year of 1991 and had to go to the hospital and have It removed I almost died and had to have surgery right away. Spent 3weeks on an incubator and my doctor was there but his son came in and immediately took over and did the surgery. The surgery I had left bad scars on my stomach and me owing a $53,000 hospital bill. When i decided to have it placed and then wanted it removed my first doctor refused and then in 1991 I finally got it out but it nearly killed me.

  5. Crystal Reply

    I had pains for years but the doctors could never figure out what the cause was. I had my iud inserted in 2010 a few weeks later for my check up my doctor couldn’t find it. She did several ultra sounds and hand exams and said maybe it fell out. So she put a second is inside me. After living with pains for 6 years I removed my our thinking that would fix the problem. Well it didn’t . I became real sick I had developed fever over 102. For over 4 days when I finally went to the doctor. There they did a cat scan and found the first if that was “lost” embedding in my bladder. It made its way through my wall and traveled. I had to have surgery to remove it. So not only did I have about I needed surgically removed. I had a second extra one inside me for 6 years because my Dr couldn’t find it at the same time.

  6. kimmy Reply

    I had the iud put in due to not getting pregnant again and it caused problems pain while having sex with me ex husband he always thought I was lying thinking I didn’t want to have sex and I felt insecure due to be young and coundn’t please my husband then we when did I could barely move I mean staying in missing dates and family gathers sometimes work and then he said he couldn’t feel it any more but the pain went on and I start having infections and they start ultrasound still finding nothing said its seems to be ok but prescribe me antioboitics and ibuprofen 800 mg and sent me on my way so I went to another doctor same thing was told dealing with this for years I move back home with to a new doctor and told him my problem he did a ultrasound after a few visits and he called me in to the office and said I know why you having this pain my heart dropped then he said its embedded into your uterus so he did a same day surgery I cried and cried I been stressing for so long about this and no doctor act as is was a problem or cared till this day I’m still having problems in the be room I’m toooo young for this I want to be able to please my husband 100% but he understands sometimes this iud has cause a lot of problems all the way around has anyone got a awared for this from a a lawsuit if so who was your lawyer

  7. Mercedes Reply

    I would like to speak to someone about a potential case I have regarding the Paragard IUD. I’ve had multiple health issues within just a year of having this IUD. I just got it removed 3 days ago and I’m still feeling these symptoms. I got a pelvic ultra sound done, as well as blood work and was surprise to find a big majority of these issues. I also had pelvic inflamation as well as pains.

    With in the year I’ve had my IUD, these problems have occurred:

    1. PMS
    2. Depression
    3. Anxiety
    4. Dizziness
    5. Headaches
    6. Brain Fog, which caused me to loose my job and I was unable to focus on the simple tasks.
    7. Heart palpitations
    8. Skin and hair dryness
    9. Irregular bleeding
    10. weight gain
    11. Hot flashes
    12. Blurred vision
    13. Hyperplasia
    14. Adrenal Gland Fatigue
    15. pelvic pain
    16. Ovarian cysts growth and bursting inside
    17. Infertility
    18. Weakness
    19. Unable to sleep at night
    20. Increase testostirone, above the highest maximum average

  8. Carolyn Reply

    I had a iIS in 1977 and I couldn’t find the string after a couple weeks when into the doctor neilson who treated me like I was stupid he did a exam couldn’t find it next thing I knew was in the emergency surgery it had gone into my cavity area trough the uterus wall had to be hospitalized for a week worst pain I’ve ever felt after giving birth to six kids I can tell you I’d rather have six kids then to go through that again

  9. Christine Reply

    My daughter – in-law chose the Paragaurd it has only been a month and it is not were it should be. Come on doctors DO NO HARM.

    I don’t understand how the people who made this ParaGaurd IUD didn’t think it would stay in place? Does the Marina IUD have less physical parts to climb with? The Paragaurdhas has two turns of copper that would be four copper legs & three plastic that equals seven, rigid physical parts to climb with in an ever moving ever changing, shedding enviorment.

    Shame on you Paragaurd, shame on the doctors, so smart who insert them into their patients. REALLY

    This is a real hardship for this, my son’s young family.
    please dear person or persons find a way to right these women and their families. Monetary gain does not compensate for what they have lost but it should put a stop to additional use of an inferior product. Also to draw enough attention with the right dollar amount to cause attention so the ones hurt will get the proper attention sooner than later.
    Thank you

  10. Michele Reply

    I also had a Paragard that migrated out of my uterus. It embedded into the wall of my rectum. When my daughter was born, she had dark bruising on her face from scraping against the IUD. After delivery, I had constant severe pain. Each bowel movement was excruciating, as the end of the IUD would move up and down like a swinging gate inside my rectum. So far, I’ve had 2 surgeries to try to fix the damage.

  11. Regina Reply

    I had a Copper 7 IUD inserted in the 1970’s at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in the Los Angeles area. Found the device on the shower floor one day, didn’t know how long it had been there. Pregnancy and birth of my child from father I had wanted to divorce and eventually did, postponed a couple years due to birth of my son. Is it too late now to seek recourse? Did not know about settlement/lawsuit till recently from casual conversation with acquaintance. Have moved numerous times around the state.

  12. michelle Reply

    I have the copper iud for 6 years and since then have had blurred vision
    brain fog
    my ear making waves sounds or clogged
    painful menstrual cramps
    weight gain

  13. Tiffaney Reply

    The things us women go through. I got the paraguard 6 years ago. I knew I was anemic, but the Dr. said everything was fine. She told me this iud was no hormonal, that’s what made me choose this birth control. I have dry hair and skin. All of my hair has falling out in the top. I lose a lot of blood. My pcp recommended I have it removed. I did. Now I suffer from depression, fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, lost of desire for sex

  14. Charlee Reply

    My daughter had the Paraguard implant, 18 months ago, she has all the symptoms that Mercedes listed above. She had it removed after about 6 months, it was imbedded and was needed to be cut out. She has had several serious pelvic infections, plus all the other symptoms. She has one right now, spent several hours at the ER last night, has missed work because of the symptoms. I am looking for an attorney that is looking at a class action for her to be involved in. please contact me if any are happening and include Washington state. she is 20 years old and too young to suffer through all of this. she was told this can go on the rest of her life, may affect having children, and the physical and mental effects are driving her to talk suicide. We need help.

  15. Ki Reply

    I’ve had the Paragard for a year now. Since having it, I’ve had several different vaginal infections. I’ve also experienced pain and blood shed during intercourse on several occasions. I’ve consulted my physician, but was told everything is still intact.

  16. Amy Reply

    I got pregnant with my Paraguard IUD. my son is now 13. I had heart failure 2 days after he was born and he was in the Nic unit

  17. Piontkowski Reply

    . I had a copper iud put in around Jan 2018. I had issues right away.. every period was horrible the cramps alone kept me off my feet. My doctor kept telling me to wait the 6 months for my body to adjust…. in june of 2018 I found out I was pregnant and my doctor told me my iud must have fallen out. Was 15 weeks pregnant and went for my ultra sound and the babys heart beat that I heard 2 weeks earlier was missing. They did an emergancy ultrasound and the baby passed away. My doctor gave me meds to help pass the baby but did not tell me what to do after the baby passed.. I had my baby at 1:15 am a baby boy the size of my hand..and hemmoraged so bad I drove myself to the hospital and had an emergancy d&c. 2 months later I had a blue string hanging out of my bum. I went to my doctor. It was my IUD string from my iud. It didnt fall out. I had a ct scan done and my iud migrated to my bowels. I had an emergancy surgery the next day. What was supposed to be a simple 2 hour surgery was a 5 hour surgery. My bowels and intestines were fused together with my uterus where my IUD perforated from.. I was in the hospital for 3 days. Away from my other kids and husband. I came home and was not allowed to do anything and was on bed rest for 2 weeks after.. it’s been over a year and because of all the damage and massive scarring I cannot have more children. We have tried for a while. One doctor says yes everything’s fine. Another will tell me absolutely not there is to many issues now. But they all are trying to push on me another IUD that isnt copper for whatever reason I have no idea. But that’s my story and it’s pretty horrifying. Something that I was excited for could have killed me and possibly killed my child no one will give me a reason why he died and all denied it had anything to do with the IUD making a giant hole in my uterus. If that doesnt make you think again about getting this thing I dont know what will.

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