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Gas Can Lawsuits Continues to Take Toll on Blitz USA

As a consequence of the mounting product liability lawsuits that have been filed over design defects with gas cans manufactured by Blitz USA, which allege that the company failed to include simple safety features that could have prevented devastating burns and other injuries, the company has been forced to file for bankruptcy and is now closing it’s Oklahoma factory.…

Walmart Gas Container Lawsuit Filed Over Lack of Child-Safety Cap

A Texas couple is suing Wal-Mart and Blitz U.S.A. for a gas container explosion that caused their 2-year-old son to suffer severe burns across much of his body. The product liability lawsuit alleges that the Walmart gas can was defectively designed because it was sold without an effective child-proof cap.…

Gas Can Lawsuit Filed Over Explosion Caused by Lack of Flame Arrestor

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Three men who suffered severe injuries and burns when a portable gas can exploded, have filed a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer, alleging that the plastic container should have had a flame arrestor to prevent the flames from flashing back into the can.…

New Law Will Require Portable Gas Cans To Contain Child Safety Caps

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President Bush has signed an Act into law which will require that all portable gasoline containers sold on or after January 17, 2009 have a child resistant cap. The law closes a loophole which existed in prior legislation and is designed to decrease the risk of a gas can explosion or spill, which could cause severe injuries and burns.…

Gas Can Lawsuits

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Manufacturing and design defects common in many portable gasoline containers can result in severe injuries and burns for young children as well as adults. Safer alternative designs and proper warnings could prevent many devastating burns and injuries from spills or gas can explosions.…