Just For Men Chemical Burn Problems Reported by Users of Beard Dye

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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Men throughout the United States continue to report serious allergic reactions and burns after using “Just for Men” hair dye, leading to concerns among consumers and potential litigation against the manufacturer.

“Just for Men” is a hair coloring product which emphasizes gray hair removal, and is formulated to also work on beards and mustaches.

First released in 1987 by Combe, Inc., a number of complaints have surfaced across the internet in recent years involving men who experienced swelling, rashes, chemical burns and other injuries after using “Just for Men”.

The consumer watchdog website indicates that it has received more than 400 reports of “Just for Men” problems, which have been submitted since the group first warned about the risk of allergic reactions in 2012.

Some suspect that the culprit of the severe skin reactions is p-Phenylenediamine, an organic compound that is a derivative of aniline. A study published in May 2009 in the medical journal Dermatitis listed the chemical as the tenth most prevalent allergen in patch tests and the American Contact Dermatitis Society voted it Allergen of the Year in 2006.

“Just for Men” warnings do recommend that users perform a “patch test” for the hair and beard dye, recommending that users apply the product to a small area on the inside bend of the elbow.

Many of the men report using Just for Men dye for years without any issues, which some some suggest may raise questions about whether the manufacturer’s suggestion that users do a “patch test” on a small part of the body may be useless.

Changes in body chemistry over time may cause users to experience Just for Men burns even if they have used the hair dye before.

Amid concerns over the adequacy of warnings provided for consumers, many men who required medical treatment for burns, rashes and scarring are now pursuing Just for Men lawsuits against the manufacturer.

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  1. Kevin Reply

    I have burns on my face ear and chest where some of it slashed also swelling in my face and lip

  2. Herbert Reply

    My Neighbor used Just for Men around his chin on one day and he was fine. He tried it again the day after: January 12, 2018 without the comb and massaged it into his chin. Sometime after this he developed a swollen and red chin, blisters & draining and it hurt. He didn’t do the patch test either time. He felt is was safe when nothing happened the first time.

  3. Aj Reply

    What was used to treat the chemical burns, ie – blisters drainage, swelling, and itching among some of the symptoms (Medically or medicine). Any recommendations?

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