Poligrip and Fixodent Class Action Lawsuits Filed in Canada

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Denture cream class action lawsuits have been filed against the makers of Poligrip and Fixodent in Canada, alleging that the popular denture adhesives cause neurological damage from zinc poisoning

The Poligrip and Fixodent class action lawsuits were filed were filed Monday in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The lawsuits seek to cover all Canadians who may have experienced zinc poisoning from the use of GlaxoSmithKline’s Super Poligrip and Proctor & Gamble’s Fixodent.

In the United States, a few hundred Super Poligrip lawsuits and Fixodent lawsuits have been filed on behalf of individuals who suffered severe neurological injuries as a result of high amounts of zinc entering their body from the popular over-the-counter products. The complaints allege that the manufacturers failed to inform consumers that the denture cream products contain zinc and failed to warn about the risk or problems that can be caused when too much of the denture adhesive is used.

All U.S. federal lawsuits over Super Poligrip and Fixodent have been consolidated as part of an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, where the cases are managed in a manner similar to a class action during pretrial litigation, but the cases remain individual lawsuits. A number of state court cases filed in Pennsylvania have also been consolidated into a Mass Tort Program (MTP) in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Zinc contained in the denture creams can result in the depletion of copper levels, causing a condition known as hypocupremia, which is known to increase the risk of significant neurological problems that can leave users with permanent and debilitating physical injuries including numbness, problems with balance and unexplainable pain and burning sensations. Although the recommended daily allowance of zinc is 11 mg for men and 8 mg for women, with 40 mg being the maximum amount of zinc that can be safely tolerated, some denture creams have been found to expose users to levels as high as 330 mg per day.

Zinc is believed to help with the adhesive properties of the denture creams. However, until recently neither GlaxoSmithKline or Proctor and Gamble had alerted users that zinc was an ingredient in their products.

The Canadian lawsuit accuses the companies of waiting for years before telling consumers that their products contained zinc, and of downplaying the side effects of denture cream containing zinc in the warnings which they have released.

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  1. wade Reply

    I have had headaches,these headaches seem to occur on each side of the head on different occasions, which i never had before and both hands have a tingly sensation and numbness ,I have had bad heart palpitations and at times my hands start to shake uncontrolibly,if you could please help me it would be greatly appreciated,if its these products that are causing it..I used both poligrip and fixadent..

  2. TOM Reply

    I have used the powdered version of this product for 32 years im thinking thats more then many others.And i do have problems with balance and my equilibriam.I look forward to some help in this matter.

  3. mary Reply

    I Have been using denture adhesive for 26 years ,in the last 10 years my health has been declining slowly. Always an ill feeling without explanation. I always have 3 tubes of fixodent around, one always in my purse,one upstairs and one downstairs,glueing my teeth several times a day and using too much where I have to scrap the glue from my teeth. My illness requires me to take 25 pills daily, I experience constant pain daily,taking 8 oxycodones a day, constantly tired. Maybe the denture cream is the reason.

  4. Margaret Reply

    My husband is been suffering for severe pain in his hands, knees and feet. He is in severe pain. The doctors say, arthritis, gout and possibly knee replacement. He does not have any strength in his hands, he is weak and always sleeping. I am starting to think that the denture cream is probably the reason.

  5. Christine Reply

    Wow, for a number of years I have been scared to death of taking any more medication due to all these sudden side effects popping up. I have been suffering from what I believed to be MS but have not shown any signs of scaring on the brain, I have had three MRI’s. I live in constant pain. Up until about a year ago I was using this stuff day and night. I would have numerous tubes going, one in my purse, one in my vehicles and two or three in my house. I was a owner operator of my own business and had to deal with customers all day long and would apply it over and over throughout the day. THen in the evening when in the company of a male. FOr the last two years I have been unable to work due to my illness. I suffer from intense pain, I have went to get out of bed in the morning in great pain only to fall flat on my face because I couldn’t feel my feet, I have lost the use of my arms a number of times and experience numbness quite often. I can’t walk around the block without the fire in my feet and legs. I am no longer able to lift anything of weight, which this was the type of work I did, I bought and sold scrap metal. I was no longer able to lift anything. I have lost my voice a few times over the years and have a feeling of a large ball of some sort when trying to swallow food. I have had to have the scope put up and down. I am scared to death to take anything these days so it makes my life a living hell. I have been on the accutain and now suffer from IBS and possible ulcerated colitis but can’t confirm due to the symptoms subsiding by the time the test has come around, But the pain is so intense and I can almost feel the food as it enters my system and all the way until it leaves again. I am at the point that I am afraid to leave my home in case there is no rest room or I will fall flat on my face. I have gone from a productive member of society owning my own business to collecting welfare of 287 twice a month to support me and my two kids. My illness has got so bad that I moved from BC Canada to Newfoundland where my family is in hopes of getting some help. I had given up until I seen the hype about these two products that I have used. Is there really a reason for all my suffering. THere is so much more and if need be I can have my DR, verify what I am saying in BC.

  6. Paul Reply

    i have not been feeling well and thought it may have been depression but now that i have seen this report on the evening news i am thinking different.

  7. John Reply

    I have been using Fixodent denture creams for over 20 years.I suffer from lossof balance and have neurological problems for which I have to take medication for.

  8. Hilda Reply

    I have used poli grip for the last 10 or more years. I am experiencing imbalance and headachs for the last two years and I feel this was caused by this product.

  9. Hilda Reply

    I have been using Poli grip for about 10 years and am experiencing dizziness, imbalance and headachs for the last three and half years. I find it impossible to walk a straight line without my walking sticks.

  10. Dorothy Reply

    i have been using poligrip and fixodent since 2006,,,,have recently felt my fingers goin numb ,,,seveere headaches ,,,like bring me to the knees headaches ,,,unbalance ,,,mucle spasms ,,,truly shocked me when i found this out ,,,,i also am a cancer patient ,,,,i need some help ,,,,would like to get rid of these headaches ,,,,muscle spasms ,,,

  11. Terry Reply

    I have been using Fixodent on a daily basis since losing all my teeth in the early 90s. I also tried Polident and Polident powders, but none worked as well as Fixodent. I find that I require at least two applications daily as the produce degenerates after about 4 hours. One year ago, I began to experience numbness in both wrists and hands. The numbness is accompanied by a burning sensation. I have been under medical care for this condition., which manifests as a type of arthritis. Blood tests and electrophoresus urine tests have indicated high ferritin levels and very low gammaglobulin levels. Since February of 2010, I have been prescribed Prednesone ,5mgs daily. My family doctor referred me to a rheumatologist, who ordered additional blood and urine testing.
    She has prescribed a drug called Plaquenil 400mgs per day and taken me off of Prednesone. The pain and stiffness in my hands, arms and shoulders has returned with withdrawal from Prednesone.
    The depletion of IGg is unexplained to date causing susceptibility to infections of the upper respiratory tract which occur every 3 or 4 months. I learned of the problems with Fixodent today following a conversation with a friend and am wondering whether the Zinc levels in Fixodent may be causing my illness. Thus far, no zinc testing has been done and I’m wondering if it would have shown up in previous tests? I will follow with interest the course of this litigation.

  12. Elizabeth Reply

    Haven’t had dentures all that long; about two years, but have used both of the products mentioned from Day One. Experience severe numbness in fingers and hands for several hours upon awakening every day.

  13. Anthony Reply

    Have numbness in both arms and hands, thought it was poor circulation. Also have headaches and loss of voice

  14. JOHN Reply

    I have been using both Fixodent and Poligrip f0r over 20 yrs .Over the yrs i had bad headaches ,numess ,dizzy spells and what appears to be almost blackouts . Ihave been admitted to hospital several times for what appeared to be HEART ATTACKS ,but the doctors could not fine any trouble with my heart. I’ve had several EXRAYS and even CTSCANS but the results have all been the same ,nothing showed up .

  15. Carol Reply

    September 26, 2010. I have used Fixodent since it became available. Fifteen years ago, after using Fixodent for some time, I developed a tremor. The tremor increased and ten years ago, I booked an appointment with the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale Arizona.
    At the Mayo clinic I was diagnosed with essential tremor. I believe that my tremor was caused by my using Fixodent, as no one in my family, back three generations has ever had essential tremor.

  16. hilda Reply

    I have had a complete upper denture for over 50 years. Over the years it became more difficult to maintain a good fit. I started using poligrip about 20 years ago and switched to fixodent powder because I got a better fit. I suffer from numbness in my feet and hands, I have unexplained anemia and am under the care of a hemotoligist , I have been prescribed a drug as I have unexplained protein in my urine, and I have a great deal of pain in my shoulders and knees (seems to be the muscles or tendons). I went to my family doctor the other day and have had blood tests to check the zinc and copper levels in my blood. I only found out about the problems with fixodent last week when I went to the drug store to buy more. It had been removed from shelves.

  17. Barbara Reply

    My mother lost all her teeth in her teen years and has been wearing upper and lower dentures since. She is in her early 80’s now. 30 plus years ago she began having numbness in her legs, then she experienced loss of balance shortly thereafter, she would stagger from side to side and bump into walls on both sides. She used to say, I am the only person I know who can walk through a six foot wide doorway and hit the frame on each side. She did not drink and there seemed to be no cause for the sudden onset of her symptoms. She has had a lot of testing but she still has not received any diagnosis as to why she has no ability to control her balance. She falls often and is reliant on others to care for her. She was still falling even with the use of a walker. Her balance is so bad that she requires a wheelchair.

  18. Brad Reply

    I cannot believe what I found out today about Fixodent. I have been seeing a neuromuscular specialist for severe leg weakness, muscle loss and aches. I thought my symptoms were due to taking “statin” drugs and having side effects from that. After seeing the info on the internet, I have called my doctor to get tested for zinc poisoning and copper deficiency, asap. I have used this product for years and I am quite concerned. Will let you know the results. Feel free to email me with any comments

  19. Elaine Reply

    I have used both products for 16 years now. It funny but I\\\’m sitting here right now and my left hand is tingling numb, my arms for a long time now have had unexplained pain and tingling now for years. My feet sometime burn so bad I can\\\’ t sleep. I was told I have anxiety which I have been taking pills for 6 years now, but how could anxiety give me burning, numbness, weakness in my arm and legs. Sometimes my legs feel so weak I have to sit for a minute or two. I also have trouble sleeping most nights. I don\\\’t know if my problems have to do with this but it sure would explain some things the doctors can\\\’t or haven\\\’t check on.

  20. Janna Reply

    I have been using these products for 30 +yrs. The migraines started several yrs after getting the dentures, then arm& legs ‘ falling asleep’ 15 yrs. ago i started experiencing hip pain while sleeping. Then lots of surface/nerve pain in my legs. I was told [ still am] that this is Fibromyalgia , my hands and feet go numb, burning sharp pain at night in my hips, legs, and feet and the cramping often prevent a sound sleep. I am allergic to opiates and have not found another painkiller that works. I have been losing huge amounts of hair get numb lips and phantom sinus/ toothaches. What are “normal “levels of zinc for a 135lb. woman? Can I reverse the damage?

  21. Ron Reply

    I have been using fixident powder for about 25-30 years.
    The last 5-10 years different things seemed to be strange. Being exremeley tired most of the time.I have suffered from depression for 25-30 years.
    Now as I get older I thought just old age was catching up, however some of the zinc symptoms seem real. One very clear one is the metal taste in my mouth, like licking an aluminum shovel.
    Legs ache ??? Definite balance problem and weak hands. Unusual sore muscles even while being very active.

  22. laurie Reply

    I live in BC Canada. I have used fixodent for six years now and my health has rapidly gone down hill. I can barely walk in the morning from the extreme pain in my feet and legs, and can’t feel my left hand anymore. I am normally a very active person but now rarely get off the sofa, and when I do, more often then not my balance is way off and I find myself grabbing at furniture for support. I have become very weak and my muscles in my shoulders feel as though they are ripping apart.
    I have not worked in four years due to severe pain, weakness and overbaring lethargy. Is there anyone dealing with this legally from bc? I really could use some advice. I cannot believe that this crap was APPROVED as being SAFE for us to be putting in our mouths as much as we do! God bless and good luck to all who are suffering with this debilitating and completely preventable B***S**T

  23. Cattrina Reply

    I cannot believe what I ar meading here…I have used fixodent past for the last 5 + years. I am going back & forth to doctors to try & figure out what the numbness in my hands, arms & legs is all about. I would have never attributed it to the product I am using on my teeth to hold them in my mouth. Every one of the symptons described above, i have suffered. I am now undergoing bloodwork again & exrays to find out what is wrong with my feet & legs…I drop things from my hands due to numbness…my legs feel numb, they tingle…my arms tingle etc…How do I look into the lawsuit that is being talked about here? Any help would be appreciated. This has been very scary for me as I have begun to believe that I have ms or some other type of disease…please help. I live in Newfoundland & I have found that the symptons have been getting worse over time.

  24. Marianne Reply

    This IS real, and it does happen. My mother is now in a wheelchair because of it. She can no longer walk at all, barely write and really cannot do anything for herself anymore. To all of you with any kind of symptoms STOP using these products and tell your doctor!!

  25. Helenna Reply

    I have used Poligrip and Fixodent for the last ten years. Within the first two years I started getting headaches. Have went through all kinds of tests, but nothing could be found wrong. All medications I was given helped some. Now the head aches are getting worse, and For the past three years I have had, cramps and pain in my hands, feet. Just seen the doctor and all blood work came back perfect. I would like to know how to contact the lawyer handling the case too.

  26. Patti Reply

    This is BS!!!! I have had ALL of those symptoms but basically put it down to getting older. A couple of years ago, when I was visiting the US I saw commercials on tv about lawsuits involving Fixodent or Polygrip. When I returned home I wrote to the Minister of Health and asked what was the govts take was on these lawsuits. I have used Fixodent for years. I was told that there had not been one complaint in Canada and I was told a file would be opened but basically they chumped it off…..Not sure if one could have anything to do with the other but now I am being tested for thyroid cancer.

  27. Ken Reply

    I Have been useing fixodent for 2 years,I had headaches and numbness in both my arms,went to the doctors and he put me on
    gabopentin and amitriptyline which both give me severe stomach ache

  28. philip Reply

    l’ve been using polygrip for 15 yrs or better,started using fixodent about 2 yrs ago, Last sept. l started with off balance while walking , headaches,Dec l went to see the doctor about heart fluttering and stomach blotting, l have not any numbness as yet,l have to go feb 8/11 for altra sound to see what the problem could be,l had mentoined to my wife months ago ,that maybe it had something to do with fixodent glue l used for my teeth, and today l decided to check the internet to see if there was any harm in using fixodent, sure enough there is, will be going to get tested for zinc levels.p.s l also have muscle spasms.

  29. marilyn Reply

    I have been using fixodent powder since I was 20 and I am 62 now I have numbness in my two fingers on my left side and I am having trouble with tremors I this has just occurred in the last year with the tremors but the numbness in my hand has just started in the last few months I did not hurt myself or anything unusual, like that it has just appeared out of the blue.

  30. Andre Reply

    I have been using fixodent powder for atleast 4 years and I’ve been diagnosed with Optic neuritis on my right eye. And not to mention these other problems…stomach blotting,muscle spasms,daily headaches,the list is endless. I need to get legal help regarding this..

  31. Jaker Reply

    I got my first tube of Poligrip last week after using “Fixodent” (not much better) & to tell you the truth it wouldn’t stick a stamp to paper, never mind the top of the mouth to man made rubbish dentures. We can send rockets to mars & man to the moon & send letters round the world in seconds (re; emails) & make a collider to mimic the “Big Bang” theory & yet scientists at Klaxo Kline (there, I’ve got a speech impediment as well from the stuff) can’t make sticky stuff to stick our dentures in our mouth.

    Who lets them sell this rubbish? I never tried the powder, but if it is half as good as the sealant then that too is useless. Is it any wonder we that lose teeth hate being toothless….toothless? Now…I’m off to the paint store to get some wallpaper paste, no, not for papering the front room, but for me teeth & if that don’t work I’ll “Super-glue” them. Maybe then I’ll be able to eat properly before choking from foreign objects, my two dentures. It’s a wonder I haven’t done it already.

    And now I’m reading I might get diseases & side effects & trauma & myxomatosis & depression & so on.But all I want to get is my two front teeth staying in the place they belong…at the front, not at the back or down my throat or sideways facing backwards or inwards outwards. Is that too much to ask for in 2011? I ask you?
    Well! Is it?


  32. EDWARD Reply


  33. Dar Reply

    wow…..there are alot of us out there …….I have used fixodent since 1998…….I have over the ytears developed some nerve issues in my arms , hands, fingers…….I have muscles spasms in throughout my body 24-7…….I hate it….Have thought it was restless leg syndrome,,,,but maybe it isn’t afterall……Going for a blood test March 25 to see where my zinc level is.

  34. Donna Reply

    I have been using fixodent for 10 years now and have recently had a lump come up on my thumb with a protruding vein that travels from the lump to just past my wrist. It is a very painful and constant throbbing pain. I’ve also had a lump appear on my left arm which is painful to touch and I’ve been having problems with numbness in both hands as well as pain in my feet throughout the day.

    Has anyone else noticed this type of symptom? With the protruding veins?

  35. Roger Reply

    I have had both upper and lower dentures complete for over 30 years now.I tried many types of denture creams as well as pads and the only one that seemed to work best was Fixodent regular paste.I have been using this forever without any worries assuming it was completely safe.In the last 10 years or more I have noticed my health deteriorating in many ways that are unexplainable.I have been to stomach specialist on repeated occasions,had numerous tests over and over,and they cannot find what is causing all my sympthoms.I have a lot of palpitations as well as severe pain near my heart and in chest area.I went to cardioligist and had testing done recently and everything was ok ,but I still suffer with these sympthoms day after day.I have severe headaches that last for hours and go away to return shortly after.Over the last few years my left hand shakes very badly and gets so cramped up I cannot move it practically,along with numbness in my entire left arm causing me on many occasions along with the pains in my heart to believe I was having a heart attack.This still continues on day to day basis.I get severe dizzy spells and imbalance as often as several times a day feeling like I want to faint.I have been to my family doctor many times as well as stomach specialist for over 10 years on regular basis along with heart specialist recently and have had numerous tests done over the years to be told over and over they can’t find the problem.I have often thought about the denture cream which I use properly daily,I don’t abuse.I kept thinking that for sure having this in your mouth can’t be healthy,but as many others never ever did worry up until recently because nowhere was it indicated that it contained zinc,or the dangers of using it.Just this week I purchased a new tube still having an older tube which expires in April 2013.I freaked out when I saw the bright lettering advising me of the dangers of using this product as to the zinc content etc. Why after all these years has this information been hidden from everyone and only come out publicly now.I am sure that the biggest part of all my problems and continuous health problems have a lot to do with the extended use of this product for such a long time.I had heard about the Poligrip issue quite some time ago but at that time upon checking my Fixodent label all seemed ok with their product. I kept asking myself how can Fixodent be ok if Polident isn’t but then since it wasn’t indicated whatsoever I felt totally protected.It is very discouraging knowing that there are products such as these so dangerous to ones health circulating and on store shelves in this day and age.Above all we are using this orally in our mouth,couldn’t get much worse or more dangerous.If it were some cream we were applying to the outer part of our body it wouldn’t be such an issue,but we have this directly in our mouth as we breathe ,swallow,etc.etc. What can I say,its totally unacceptable? I feel for the many others in this situation.

  36. Ruth Reply

    I have been using Fixodent for upper and lower dentures for over 40 years now.,could almost photo copy the above statement,unexplained pain, stomach problems,and now the problems are starting in feet and legs knees etc.many Drs but no answers. I am going to make an appointment to have the proper blood test done. and go from there

  37. Dianna Reply

    My husband is 72 years of age and suffering from quite a number of health-related issues. As a result he has experienced a 65 lb. weight loss over the past year and one half. Due to such a large loss of weight his upper plate would no longer stay in place properly and in an effort to resolve this for him I began applying Poligrip to it daily about two months ago…..we have for more than thirty years soaked his dentures in Polident every night. Approximately two weeks ago he began to experience severe pain in his upper gum area and his lower lip became grossly swollen to the point it was purplish in color and split. Needless to say he has not been wearing his dentures since the onset of this problem and, therefore, no Poligrip or Polident. His lip has regained more normal proportions but the pain still persists and he is relying on Tylenol #3 for a degree of pain control. I have tried everything I can think of to provide him with relief but the pain persists. On a “hunch” today I looked up Polident/Poligrip as this problem was not present prior to his using the Poligrip. I was horrified when I saw the results of my search. I should mention that my husband is immune suppressed following a heart transplant seven years ago and,therefore, I read every label carefully before I introduce anything to him which could cause harm or pose a conflict to any of the meds he is currently taking…..nowhere on the subject products do they indicate any caution regarding their use and potential health hazards. I am devastated to think that, in an effort to help, I have unwittingly subjected him to the pain he is now suffering.

  38. dave Reply

    zinc poisining,vomitting nausea,pain in legs,this product should be banned,polygrip and fixodent,seeking advise from a lawyer,

  39. Donna Reply

    I have a lot of the same symptoms as the majority of you do. As I spoke of the tingling and numbness along with other symptoms my son is the one who informed me that he read about the Fixodent I have been using. When he read that the symptoms I have been experiencing, he told me that they may be because of the prolonged use of Fixodent. I contacted an attorney to seek advice, I will see what happens. Good luck to everyone.

  40. Ashely Reply

    So there’s this guy I see occasionally and he has dentures and every time we mess around I get a numb tingle in my lips parts of my mouth and always the bottom half of my nose too it’s really wired its never happened with anyone else ever n I mentioned it to him the last time n he just thought it was weird too but when I lived with him n all the times b4 that n after that its not regular sex but even when it was when we were actually together it did every time too n it lasts during n for a few mins after but only after we’ve been kissing it we dnt kiss at 1st it doesn’t happen till we do and that’s why I was wondering cuz this the only thing ive found that could remotely fix cuz I can’t find anything else on kissing dentures n tigeling

  41. Joseph Reply

    i have been i have been using fixodent since about 1998. since that time i have been diagnose with lupus exsceima, osteoporosis,liver, kidneys,and heart problems. also three kinds of artharitis I am always in pain in all of my joints, my toes goes very numb, my legs and feet tingles.also i have been diag with neurophathy in my legs.

  42. Cindy Reply

    I have been using polydent/fixodent for over 35 years. Most recently when my dentures broke and I used them continually.
    October of 2012 I suffered a stroke and then again June of 2013 I also suffered a stroke. I eat with a tube and have lost most of my speech etc. THe Dr. arree atto find out the reason why I suffered 2 strokes. The cat scan and MRI show nothng.

  43. dave Reply

    I hear everybody posting here and we are all not wrong I can relate to most on here especially the post where the person says about MS
    great info and as of 2017 has anybody heard anything on this? if so I will for sure be a part of this suit its all about the companies making the top dollar and who cares who they harm in the meantime
    don’t give up the fight folks
    Halifax Canada

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