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Birth Defect Risk from Epilepsy Drugs Low, But Topamax Data Inconclusive

The use of newer antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy was not associated with a significantly increased risk of major birth defects, according to a new study. However, the research did not reach any conclusion about the risk of birth defects with Topamax, which was only used by a very small number of women in the study. …

Verdict of $142.1M in Lawsuit Over Neurontin Upheld by Judge

  • Written by: Staff Writers

A federal judge has upheld a Neurontin lawsuit verdict returned last year, in which a jury awarded $47 million against Pfizer for illegally promoting its epilepsy drug, and the judge confirmed that the award will be tripled to $142 million due to provisions governing U.S. racketeering laws. …

Epilepsy Drug Suicide Risk Questioned by New Study

  • Written by: Staff Writers

European researchers released the findings of a new study that suggests antiepileptic drugs may not increase suicide risk among epileptics. However, the drugs do appear to increase the risk in some groups of non-epileptics. …

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