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  • Top 10 Lawsuits to Watch in 2017

    This is a list of the top ten developing litigation and bellwether trials to move forward in 2017.

  • Top 10 Health Concerns in 2016

    Ovarian cancer, kidney failure and exploding electronic cigarettes are just some of the health concerns that dominated headlines in 2016, and are likely to continue into next year.

  • Top 10 Bellwether Verdicts and Settlements of 2016

    2016 was marked by a number of huge verdicts in crucial bellwether lawsuits and large settlement agreements over product liability claims that caused consumers to suffer severe injuries, health problems…

  • Top 10 Recalls from 2016

    The top ten recalls of 2016 had a wide range of impact, from cell phones to flour to hip implants.

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