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Thousands of women who had a vaginal mesh or bladder sling implanted to treat pelvic organ prolapse have experienced severe internal injuries, urinary problems and other complications as a result of problems with the medical devices, which may actually provide no real benefit over other methods of treating pelvic organ prolapse.

STATUS OF TRANSVAGINAL MESH LAWSUITS: Cases have been filed throughout the United States by women who experienced complications as a result of the negligent design of a vaginal mesh pelvic support system, and lawyers are continuing to review new vaginal mesh lawsuits.


OVERVIEW: Vaginal mesh, which is also referred to as a bladder sling, hammock or pelvic mesh, is a surgical product that is commonly implanted into the vaginal area to prevent pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can occur in women after childbirth or surgery. Pelvic organ prolapse causes the womb to fall into the vaginal area, which can also lead to the bladder and bowels slipping out of place and putting pressure on the vagina, causing considerable pain and discomfort, as well as urinary incontinence in some cases.

Lawsuits over vaginal mesh implants allege that negligent designs increase the risk that women may suffer severe complications, physical pain and suffering, deformity and the need for additional corrective surgery. In addition, the FDA acknowledged in July 2011 that there is no evidence that vaginal mesh bladder sling surgery provides any greater clinical benefit than non-mesh surgeries.

VAGINAL MESH PROBLEMS: The FDA issued a statement about all vaginal mesh implants in July 2011, indicating that the agency has received thousands of reports of complications after the bladder sling mesh has been implanted, and also warn of an increased risk of organs being punctured during the surgery to implant the devices. The FDA stated that a review of studies and other literature appeared to show little to no health benefits.

Complications with vaginal sling implants reported by women include:

  • Infection
  • Erosion of the mesh into the vagina
  • Recurrences of prolapse
  • Urinary problems
  • Bowel, bladder and blood-vessel perforations
  • Injury to nearby organs
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

In many cases, transvaginal sling problems have required multiple surgeries to remove the mesh. Even after surgery, women may be left with permanent and disfiguring injuries.

In January 2016, the FDA announced it was reclassifying vaginal mesh as high-risk medical devices and that new and existing vaginal and transvaginal mesh meant to treat pelvic organ prolapse had to go through a premarket approval process.

In November 2017, Australia banned all transvaginal mesh products, indicating that their risks outweighed their benefits.

VAGINAL MESH LAWSUITS: As of October 2015, more than 70,000 complaints had been filed throughout the federal court system involving complications from vaginal mesh or bladder sling products. Most of the cases have been consolidated for pretrial proceedings as part of an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, with the cases centralized before U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin in the Southern District of West Virginia for coordinated discovery and early bellwether trials.

Seven different MDLs are currently centralized before Judge Goodwin, including all Bard Avaulta lawsuits, AMS vaginal mesh lawsuits, Boston Scientific pelvic mesh lawsuits, Ethicon Gynecare mesh lawsuitsColoplast sling lawsuits. Neomedic mesh lawsuits, and Cook Surgisis Biodesign mesh lawsuits.

A series of bellwether trials are being held in each of the MDLs to help the parties gauge how juries may respond to certain evidence and testimony that is likely to be repeated throughout the litigation. The preparation and outcomes of these early trials are designed to facilitate a possible vaginal mesh settlement agreement that could resolve cases without the need for thousands of trials to be held throughout the country.

While some manufacturers have settled thousands of these cases, tens of thousands more remain unresolved.

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  1. Gail Reply

    Its been at least 10 years since my bladder sling was placed. I’ve been having a discharge from the urethra for about 2 years. I’ve reported it to at least 3 Drs over the 2 years period, one of the three at least twice during my GYN visits., even mentioned I had a bladder sling, none of them would listen. My GYN claimed the bladder sling seemed ok to her. I even mentioned my husband had said he could feel something ,just felt like something was poking him. Drs. put me through tests for STD”S!!!, I haven’t had intercourse for at least 2 1/2 years, my husband had bladder and prostate cancer. Needless to say he could not get an erection due to his condition. Only until last Tuesday May 26, 2015 was it discovered the bladder sling showed signs of erosion. I’ve had numerous UTI, stabbing pain in the vaginal area off and on, leakage from just hearing water run, with an urgency uncontrolled, low back pain. All of my symptoms were just blown off. Discussing options with a urologist/gyn…surgery is her recommendation to remove as much of the mesh as possible . I think its to late for compensation for the mental anguish, pain, and embarrassment associated with continuing to explain , go through tests over and over without resolve. Please ladies trust your instincts, if hadn’t insisted to my GYN to send me to another Dr. I would still be feeling crazy, unheard, an like a hypochondriac. Any thoughts on my new Drs. recommendation of more surgery?, I’m told by her I have no choice

  2. Vickie Reply

    Gale I can relate to your problems. I just found out last Thursday that my mesh bladder sling has eroded into my bladder. The mesh sling was in planted 9 years ago. The last 2 years have caused me sticking pains in my vaginal area, painful intercourse which has been nonexistent four 5 years now. My GYN told me it was dryness because of lack of hormones. 7 weeks ago a had a lot of pain and then had a lot of blood in my urine. GYN thought I passed kidney stone and put me on antibiotics and told me to come back in two weeks. I was still in pain so I made an appointment with a urologist. He ordered a CT and did a scope and told everyone I had a stone on my bladder wall. He scheduled surgery to remove the stone, which he tried to do only to laser into the mesh erosion. Then he didn’t know what to do. Told me to come back in 2 weeks to discuss what to do about it. I was so discouraged. My daughter works in surgery at a hospital on the northern part of our state, we got the surgery report to her and a urologist that works in surgery with her got me in to see him today. He scoped my bladder again and I am now scheduled for surgery the 12th of June. I am hoping that this will relieve my pain. Hoping you will finally get some relief too.

  3. Cheri Reply

    LAVH Oct 1 1997. Two days later in the ER with a massive hematoma. The next 6 months in and out of Dr’s offices with complaints of moderate to severe pain. Had one Dr. tell this Nurse Paralegal I was drug seeking. Really! Within the next 3 years pain got so severe it would paralyze me. Finally a Dr. who would listen. He made referrals and the mesh had wrapped around my appendix stangling it with bulges everywhere. Had an appendectomy. Still having problems to this day. Ladies this is real. You need to explore what your legal options are.

  4. Mare Reply

    I had surgery in March of this year, and it has made my urinary incontinence problem so much worse that I barely want to leave my house. I also have such great pain in my lower back that I scream out. The Dr. who performed the surgery kept telling me, “Oh, you have to give it at least 5-7 weeks to begin to take effect.” Well, I gave and gave it time, and see where that got me? I have since seen a specialist who said that the wrong surgery had been performed, and he will be removing sling and the band….and doing another surgery. I have been so depressed because of the first surgery, I can’t put it into words. Has anyone been contacted by law firms regarding mass settlement?

  5. JANE DOE Reply

    Where are the criminal charges of all involved in cover up and lies to women? From he FDA, to the chemical companies, doctors, nurses that lied, to politicians , lobbist, judges and attorneys placed by those in power in America to news media to keep it quite? as all made in the trillions counting campaign funds given to presidential politicians running fr office to, cong, sen , reps , and state run states governors that would do nothing to medical boards, and ins/, where is the criminal charges? as more women die and suffer? I HAVEN’T SEEN THE FIRST AS THOSE PLACED ON GOVERNMENT JOBS TO HANG PHONES UP ON WOMEN ASKING QUESTIONS. dragging courts, , WHY, SO THE CHEMICAL COMPANIES AND ALL INVOLVED DON’T LOSE EVERYTHING LIKE THE WOMEN THEY LIED TO HAVE? no justice , using humans as animals in medical research. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES. PEOPLE LIED TO BY THOSE RICH AND IN POWER THAT LIE AND ABUSE THEIR POSITIONS OF POWER

  6. Sherri Reply

    Hi Jane Doe! I know exactly what you are talking about. I have had constant medical problems since I had the bladder sling implant and all the doctors at Scott and White Hospital and/or clinic seem like they are in a coverup conspiracy. Not only do the doctors flat out lie to you but they try to distort your reality by saying “it’s not that bad” and minimize the severe pain! I tried to find a lawyer to sue all thes doctors but have yet to find a lawyer willing to stand up and hold these doctors accountable for lying to me. Getting “treated” for some unknown diagnosis milking my insurance to the max… should be considered insurance fraud because these doctors knowingly lie and deceive me into thinking it’s all in my head when I know damn well it’s all in my vagina! I had to go to a different Doctor not associated with Scott and White because my bladder wouldn’t stay inside! The urologist at Scott and White told me it wasn’t that bad and “I’m just going through menopause.” The sling was “chewing me up” and I ended up with Chronicus Simplex and once I had a revision at another hospital that went away. The urologist at Scott and White told me it was the Premarin causing the problems but it was the mesh clawing me up and the pain was excruciating! So, if there are any lawyers out there reading these posts I would like to know why we can’t sue the doctors for covering it all up, milking our insurance, misdiagnosing and skirting around the root of the problem????? It got so bad at Scott and White that when I had great difficulty breathing I was told there was nothing more they could do! I go to a different clinic and my new dr put me on dulera and, lol and behold, I learned there was something that could be done! Once these Drs know we are suffering from a mesh implant we no longer have the same rights to medical treatment. We are tossed aside like garbage and these Drs don’t want to treat us for anything except the wrong intentional diagnosis!

  7. Tamara Reply

    I had surgery in 2014 a hysterectomy and sling for my bladder this past 6 months I have had so much pain in pelvic area and my bowels are so messed up went to my urology dr and they did a ultrasound and I asked the technician she said it looked like my bladder is tilted dr came in just said I need a biopsy he did not say anything about my bladder

  8. angela Reply

    Had bladder surgery and have not stopped bleeding since been having issues with my bowels also

  9. michelle Reply

    I am writing on behalf of my dear friend michelle her sling was put in in 1998 && at the same time another dr did a hysterectomy & removed her uterus.right away she could not pee & had every severe problem that goes along with having had this done 3 months later the dr said he needed to lower it, still she could not pee she was in such intense pain & going through a lot mental & physically. 10 months later she went to specialist in Denver Colo. & he said that the Dr had messed up & HE CUT IT OUT OF HER.She could finally pee but had to use a catheter & leaks all over constantly. she can’t have sex without sever pain & many many other issues that she can discuss further with you she has got class action lawyer & other personal injury lawyers & was told that they can’t take her case cause somebody has lost all medical records on the type of sling that was used & that her case is to old to do anything about it. PLEASE if anyone out there can Help her she is the worst case I have ever seen. she is giving up she is tired of getting no positive answers to her problem..

  10. debbie Reply

    Had a full hysterectomy ,11years ago but for the past year the pain in my lower back and bottom sides of stomach are almost unbearable some times I cannot turn over in bed and if I had it my way sex would be s memory. But I do not know if this mesh was put in me.

  11. deanna Reply

    This has been aweful. I had bladder mesh put in doctor said nice easy fix. Sounded good. Well…not so good. It changed my life completely. Soon after the mesh was put in I had sciatic pain,abdominal pain,my body swelled up,all my allergies went haywire. I couldn’t walk and if I did I had to use a cane,(age 40) I told my doctor several times I’m swollen,in pain. I think it’s the bladder sling. Nope! Then thyroid was all over the place. My family doctor sent me to Endocrineologist. Nope,just lose a few pounds it will regulate with in the right numbers. Family doctor sent me to 3 Endocrineologist because she knew my metabolic system wasn’t working right. Finally..found out my swelling,not alittle swelling this was systemic swelling was anaphylaxis. Now I’m on 4 antihistamines a day and thyroid medication. I just found out I have arthritis in my hips and sacral spine all around the mesh. I’m only 45 and can barely walk some days. Constantly getting steriod injections in my sacral spine which don’t work most times. I’ve been on steriod dose packs also. I’ve moved around less and my life sucks bad because of this bladder sling. I’m in pain everyday. It feels like somebody has snapped me in half at my vagina area. I’m so swollen in my pelvic area it hurts to touch me. Not to forget to mention constipation and rectal problems it has given me too. So much pressure on my rectum…ouch. This whole time not 1 doctor out of half a dozen even listened to me. Nobody listened…they would say that’s strange,that’s weird. So many problems but everytime I told them my life changed when they put this in….nobody listened. Until Now. Still they don’t want to deal with me or my sling. I finally am going to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to get it removed and the Dr is pro mesh and believes in them regardless of the problems. He thinks woman are just jumping in on the lawsuits. Really,that’s the person removing mine. He did agree some women have trouble but not sure if that’s my trouble. What…first off he needs a vagina and a bladder sling. I cried! I told him I can’t live like this anymore ide rather not live. This isn’t living. Pain,pain,pain,pain. I already have MS…I don’t want anymore stacked on me. I want to see my boys get married and have families. I want a better quality of life. I don’t care if I pee my pants. I can’t take the pain. I’ve been married 21 years and love sex…love it. It’s tough to because that’s even painful . Ggrrr. I WANT MY LIFE BACK

  12. Mary Reply

    Can you think of dealing with pain since 1995 and no hope for me. You are right. Sex is out of the picture. some times the doctors say its in your head. Once the doctor said it was just an excuse or you are no longer wanting to deal with your husband.

  13. susan Reply

    i had mesh for anteria repair in 2011 had 5 operations for this as it kept coming down all done in 28months ive been in terrible pain having infection after infection now been told they think its gone in to my bladder waiting for laparoscapy to see what damage has been done may have to have bladder removed also told i will have to be stiched up havent been able to go with my husband since 2010 and it lookes like i never will be able to again

  14. Melody Reply

    I have not wanted to discuss this to anyone. After reading all these women’s stories and hearing about their pain and medical issues, I have all the same problems. I have had the sling and mesh put in , in 3012 my symptoms started 2 and a half years ago. At first you don’t no what’s happening and you try and rationalize it. I cannot take it. I am getting this stuff removed. I am constant pain and my body is swollen the time. Now i’my on thyroid medicine. I have constant urinary infections and yeast infections. I hadon’t my primary doctor do a blood panel to see what’s wrong with me. I am scared to death I do not want any more problems and organ damage. I never would of had these mesh and sling put in knowing all the risk they have with them. I find talking about this very embarranging even more so to a man. I just feel like no one has ever heard anything I have said. I like most of you live alone and have no sexual contact. I am getting to the doctor and I am going to talk and make myself heard. I don’t no what’s going to happen after this is removed and I am scared of the damage it has caused.

  15. josephine Reply

    After reading all of the other testimony about the problems they been having I never thought that would have been the problem with me. About to weeks ago I was looking at TV I saw where if you have had a bladder sling and been having complication call this number so I wrote the number down also I went t on the web site and begin to read other story about what they have been going through. In 2003 I had a bladder sling and a hysterectomy every since I had those surgeries my health has decline. My body has never been the same. It is so painful to have sexual intercourse. I constant have urinary infections and yeast infections my bowel changed cramps in my thighs hurts when I go to restroom have cramps under my stomach have severe pain in my private, pressure, feel swollen in my pelvic my joints are swollen been where I can’t walk legs hurt the list can go on. The only thing that have help me because I have Christ in my life. I told my husband I see why peoples take their life because of the pain they go through everyday. Please help I am in pain everyday!!!!!!!

  16. Jane Reply

    37 years old, I’ve read comments. Surgery was in 2012, feeling bad since December of ’15, mri, kat, ultra sounds, pelvics, blood work, and yet no answer. What now? I hurt day in and out, meds just calm about half of it. I’m on seizure meds now to help with pain!?!?? Fatigue keeps me from every day routines. Lost, hopeless, tired, and soon broke!!!

  17. sonya Reply

    Went through POP 2013. Same complications as everyone above. Schedule to see a specialist called a UROGYNECOLOGIST. these specialists treat women pelvic organ issues and are specialized in repairs related to POP mesh implants. I am scheduled to see a urogynecologist the end of May and I’m trying to hang in there.

  18. Joni Reply

    I was also told I was drug seeking, my pain went up my butt and then my back. I couldn’t walk. MRI’s tests, specialists, I even had a doctor ask me if I could be imagining the pain! SURE I’ll just imagine it out too! Finally a Gyno states to me OH MY Whoever put in this Mesh put it in way too tight. This must feel like stabbing knives whenever you move! AH YAH! He removed 1-2 inches of scar tissue alone. You realize how hard it is to manufacture scar tissue in the womb? And the doctor that put it in says, Oh I specialize in the mesh implant I’ve done over 3,000 Nothing to worry about. Well I imagine they are right along side me. So, Is it the Doctors too, Thinking they’re all that as usual. It took 3 yrs. for a Doctor to figure out the pain. I just shake my head cause I am still in pain and don’t know what to do next. Thx Norco

  19. Nowheretoturn Reply

    2013, gyn sent me to urologist who said he was a pro not to worry about what I hear on tv, im 40 and suffered incontinence. Embarrassing, but not near as bad as the pain, discomfort, embarrassment and degrading looks and comments I get from healthcare providers…What tge hell happened to ethics and compassion? ? Do they not for one second think we only sit and dream of waking up and going pee or poop without pain and with normalcy, do tgey not realize some of us are with our soul mate and want to enjoy a great intimate sexual relationship — we have been robbed of this, we have been sentenced a life of torture because we trusted in some cases our second and third opinions!!!!!!! And for this life sentence we are now stereotyped as drugs eking whiners, tgey should be ashamed!!!!! They should have to walk 10 feet in our shoes!!!

  20. wanda Reply

    I had mine done over nine and a half yrs, ago, every since then, pain, so went to a dr, in temple tx, they cut me open in the lower back area, woke up in the middle of the surgery, and now have to wear thick pads for the rest of my life, and take bladder pills too, and they don’t help. so I got me a lawyer, I hope I win, I cant control my bladder no more, I feel like I have to go to the bathroom real bad, and when I go, I might have a few drops, do any of you ladys deal with this, . Have to hold myself going to the bathroom, so embarracing,

  21. sherry Reply

    I had a bladder sling put in in 1993. I started having problems the last 2 years with my bladder. When I would try and have a bowl movement it felt like my insides were ripping out.
    I had surgery and found out that my bladder was fused to my vaginal wall from the sling. I know its been along time, it corrected my problems in my younger years but boy I paid the pipper…

  22. Tommy Reply

    My wife just found out she has bladder cancer.
    She had the mesh implant for urination problem’s.
    She has had nothing but problem’s since the implant.
    My question is.
    Could the bladder have dropped and the mesh protruded
    into the bladder and cause an infection that would have
    caused the cancer?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated !
    Thank You in Advance

  23. Joe Reply

    My now ex wife has 3 ams and Gail mentioned that her husband can feel something poking him ,we’ll I feel the same things we haven’t had sex in almost 2 years, yes and now divorced but barley living together without choking one another.. I think husbands should get some sort of compensation too. I am looking for a lawyer to tackle this..

  24. Alma Reply

    I had the bladder sling put in, July 2011, the dr that put it in said the products she used were not on the recall list, turns out they were, besides the pains that come and go, does any one have a bad odor from this as well, I’ve told my gyn at the last two check-ups and they say no everything is fine….how do they know what i feel…

  25. Gene Reply

    I have had the removal surgery ,took a settlement and sighed off .I am in constant pain discharge .I went back 3 weeks ago to the doc who preformed my surgery and they are saying these are all normal symptoms of removal of the mesh .Now I can not get a doc to look at me because I took a settlement .where do I
    turn,isthis how I am to live the rest of my life

  26. Amy Reply

    Implanted 2005. Numerous repair surgeries and years to get a partial removal. Will spare the horrible details and 12 years in between. 9 years in court on a stand alone case and waiting. They hope you die first.

  27. Collena Reply

    I had a J&J Ethicon mesh implanted after a hysterectomy for stress urinary incontinence. I had infections, vaginal extrusion, stabbing pain in vagina, extreme pain in lower abdominal, dyspareunia, recurrences of urinary incontinence, vertigo, hurts to sit or walk, nerve and muscle damage, thyroid issues, emotional harm, arthritis, sciatic, rotten mesh, my blood cell count is bad, been checked for lupus. This is not all! My husband was hurt and bleeding with infection. I finally had a corrective surgery. Doctor said he could not remove all of mesh. I wanted it all removed! Then he told me that I would not live to see the settlement. He said he was fed up with the law suites and he had taken a piece off the rotten mesh and SLUNG a piece on my bladder. He said no one would ever believe it because he would make sure of it. I was extremely scared. It took about 2 years before I could get another doctor to look inside me. He showed my husband and I the mesh on my bladder on a tv screen. The mesh could bee seen but had a very thin layer loud skin on out by this time. He discussed that he would send me to have pain therapy and an operation. Went to another doctor and therapist then went back to him to be told by a doctor we had never seen that since we had been to this other place that they couldn’t help us. Got records from there and everything was changed from the truth. I still have the mesh in me and all the problems. The mesh is still on my bladder. I am still living with all the Pain and issues. I need HELP very bad! I pray to God that help is on the way. Some more has happened but I have said enough. I hope someone knows what I can do, PLEASE!

  28. Ashley Reply

    If you have the transvaginal mesh and the ob tape bladder sling is that two paw suits or just one?

  29. Lorraine Reply

    I had a spare sling operation over 10 years ago, worse decision of my life as the problem I had before the sling op was nothing in incomparison to what I go through every single day.
    My life is controlled by a toilet,
    If I go out I have to know where a toilet is I don’t drink any fluids till I get home,when I get home I have headaches and am suffering with dehydration so I then drink and continuously run to the toilet as my bladder can only hold 150 mls but need to go every 50 to 75 mls.
    Urine is hard to pass I have to to push hard and it doesn’t come out in a dream it runs around my bottom. I then have to wipe around my bottom under the toilet seat mop up drips that have gone on te floor which is embarrassing when you are at a friends place and the have tiles on the floor which shows smudges. Let alone the pain and suffering that goes with it.
    I have been to quiet a few doctors one really wants to know me.
    So to sum up my problem it stopped me from working and enjoying life.

  30. Cheryl Reply

    I didn’t know it could affect my hips. I have an attorney for this but haven’t seen a GYN in years and I realized that most of my symptoms aren’t in my head and not from peri menopause. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2006 with a bladder sling. I have trouble peeing and other times I barely make it. Sex is beginning to be painful off and on and out of the blue, both of my hips are so painful at the same time. I have arthritis in other areas and that’s what it feels like but both coming on suddenly and pretty severe at times doesn’t sound right. Time for a GYN visit. I have other symptoms but you all know that.

  31. delian Reply

    i had a sling put in 2007 and no one ever told me i would have complications i had uterus cancer and the ginacologist did the surgery one month before they did the historectomy . i started having problems to much pain walking , having pain to the point i had to get a divorce, i thought it was from the cancer operation and thats how it was going to be.. to much ignorance of my part. but it kept getting worst until one day i saw a comersial about the mesh attorneys and all the complications and i had all of them i called and yes i was a candidate.. i had it removed and i remember clearly the DR. saying IT IS PINCHING A NERV IN YOUR INGOWN PART .. But only a dr. in ucla can do that sergery unforgenatetly for me my insurance dint cover going to him… the attorneys push me into closing my case or i wount be able to get compensated .. so idint get that second sergery done they paid me out … and now i am walking with a walker. pain is so unverable . pain in my back in my hip my leg i been to to many dr. they don’t know what to do. or experience in this cases to treat me .. i need some one that has been though this and has the right dr. i have medical plan and that is one of my problems also… and an attorney that will reopen my case i heard that they are doing it for us ….

  32. crmen Reply

    I feel everyone of you ladies pain I had a full hysterectomy at the age of 40 due to cancer of the uterus and they put a bladder sling in and my life has not been the same . the urologist said to have the bladder sling removed would cause more harm to me in the long run because of the erosion that the sling caused because of how bad it is embedded that’s why I am afraid to have the surgery to have the sling removed ..But just like the rest of you there has been No intercourse for over 3 yrs and as a women I am so ashamed to tell anyone that me and my husband hardly talk we go know where I am so depressed all the time .I hope all you nothing but good luck in the future and I know money can’t take care of our pain but for some of us to get justice might ease it a little it is a shame to get the little they will give you that anyone would have to wait years and years ..crazy

  33. Joann Reply

    Gail I know how you feel. I had my s surgery on August 6 2008. When I noticed something wrong I called the doctor that did the surgery and was told that it was all in my mind. After nine years it’s not in my mind. I just wish I could trade place with the doctor and with Boston scientific and let them see how it feels. My case has been going on for 3 years. I just wanted this court cases over.

  34. Lillian Reply

    My 1st surgery was in Jan 2011. My last surgery was in Nov 2016. Between those dates I’ve had 7 surgeries. My bladder mesh was Boston Scientific. They had done 2 repairs on mesh before they had just decided to remove it. That’s when my bladder fell out. Yes, out. When they tried to reinstall it, they had so much damage and scar tissue, they had to rebuild my vagina from hole to hole which allowed my colon to fall out because I also have Crohn’s disease. So 2 more surgeries there. I wish to God I had never had that mesh installed. My lawyers are idiots and are doing nothing and if I hiccup I will piss myself or something worse. I’m now a prisoner in my home. Boston Scientific should be ashamed!

  35. Diane Reply

    I was given Settlement documents last year, and still have not been paid. WHAT CAN I DO? This cost me my marriage!!! AFTER 15 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!! I AM DUE TO RECEIVE A MEASLY 4900. DOLLARS AFTER EVERYONE GETS THEIR PART… Its been 3 years since I was included in the lawsuit. COLOPLAST IS THE MANUFACTURER

  36. Idalmy Reply

    I couldn’t read all of the comments but I have a question and I apologize if the answer it’s already in the comments. I had the bladder sling put in while getting a hysterectomy. I complained to my doc about a pain coming from the growing where the incision was that would go up towards the back and down the leg. He said that everything was fine and that it could be from arthritis. I do not think so even though it runs in the family. Almost a year later I am still going through and I think I can feel the whatever he put in there on the hip and it is very painful. It affect my walking, standing and even sleeping. Is anyone going through the same?

  37. DONNA Reply


  38. Pam Reply

    I have had chronic UTI’s for thse past 6 months. Drs cant figure out why. I’m so tired of being tired & feeling the need to pee & cant go.

  39. Phylllis Reply

    I was implanted with a vaginal mesh sling by a urologist in September of 2009. One month later, October of 2009, I started getting urinary tract infections. The UTIs got so bad and so frequent that I was put on low dose antibiotics for the next four years. I believe that the urologist KNEW that the bladder mesh was the cause of all the UTIs. IN 2013, the urologist told me he could no longer “do anything for me.” He referred me to UCLA medical center in 2013. There, a kind doctor removed the mesh. He told me it had eroded into several places where it should not have gone. Unfortunately for me, my urethra was permanently damaged when the mesh was removed. The urethra was so shortened that it no longer prevents urine from flooding out. The mesh did this damage. Now, I have a FLOOD of urine every time I stand up. I must wear incontinent pads at all times. I go through many pads every day. I never filed a lawsuit. Now, I am so sorry that I did not seek a legal remedy for all the pain and life-changing misery that this mesh has put me through.

  40. Viorica Reply

    Did any of you were contacted by a lawyer after you submit your comments? Does anyone care? I don’t even believe what they are saying about all settlements and cases resulting in any payment. Who are all those people who were able to get a case and not us? Lives are ruined..chronic pain, no quality of life, time and money spent on doctors, not enjoying life an anyway, not being able to work . Who does that to anyone??? Who is protecting us from harm???

  41. Barbie Reply

    I wish a lawyer would help me. Had hysterectomy and bladder sling in March 2008, didn’t realize that the problems I have had were due to the mesh implant. I had no clue it was mesh until the most recent new Dr I went to who told me it is eroding the vaginal wall. I had wondered what that was and just thought it was my body changing as I got older. I feel so stupid now for believing everything was ok all this time. I have had multiple UTIs and had some pain with sex but never linked it to be from my bladder sling. Every lawyer I call won’t take my case! Why? When you find out you have a problem and you know there is a lawsuit and the lawyer won’t take my case is inhuman! I am so angry cause they say we should have know. How were we to know this was the cause? I so wish we could all get help from a lawyer about this. So infuriating! And the law office for this site turned me down too. I will call every lawyer in the country to find one that will take my case. There has to be someone that can do something for us women that are being hurt with permanent damage due to these medical devices

  42. Trisha Reply

    Hi Ladies
    I too share your pain , I also had the bladder sling 2007 .Then in 2018 I had part of the mesh removed . I was a nurse and can no longer worn due to pain . I cannot control my bowels now . I feel like a phone is vibrating in my lady parts . Did anyone ever settle yet. Ladies please e mail anytime .

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