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Following an MRI, side effects of gadolinium contrast agents used to enhance the scans may result in the development of a painful and debilitating medical condition, known as Gadolinium Deposition Disease (GDD). This has left patients suffering severe headaches, joint pain, loss of mobility, loss of cognitive function and other complications.

GADOLINIUM DEPOSITION DISEASE LAWSUITS: Lawyers are reviewing potential MRI gadolinium lawsuits for individuals who have experienced problems like:

  • Brain Fog or Memory Impairment
  • Persistent Headache
  • Burning Sensation of the Skin
  • Joint or Bone Pain
  • Skin Discoloration or Thickening
  • Feelings of Pins and Needles, Burning or Cutting Pain in the Arms, Legs or Body


MRI CONTRAST DYE: This condition may result from the use of certain gadolinium-based contrast agents, including Magnevist, MultiHance, Omniscan; OptiMARK; ProHance, Gadavist and others.

OVERVIEW: Gadolinium is a highly toxic heavy metal, which is used as a contrast agent during MRI and MRA exams. The dye is administered to enhance images, but studies have found that individuals may experience a buildup of gadolinium in the brain and body, which reports suggest may have devastating side effects.

In 2007, the use of gadolinium contrast agents was restricted for individuals with kidney problems, due to the risk of a painful and life-threatening condition known as nephrogenic systemic firbosis (NSF), which causes a thickening and hardening of the skin that progressively restricts movement, ultimately resulting in the need for a wheelchair and premature death.

However, recent reports suggest that gadolinium MRI contrast agents pose serious risks even for individuals without kidney problems.

GADOLINIUM DEPOSITION DISEASE (GDD): Gadolinium does not naturally occur in the body, and MRI or MRA contrast agents are the only known causes for the buildup of this toxic heavy metal in the brain and body.

Gadolinium deposition disease (GDD) is a medical condition describing individuals with normal kidney function who develop persistent symptoms within hours or weeks after an MRI with contrast. Typical complaints may include persistent headaches, bone and joint pain, clouded mental activity, pain in the arms and legs and other symptoms.

This condition is progressive and there is no cure, often resulting in the painful inability to use the arms, legs, hands, feet or other joints.

The condition was first defined in an August 2016 study published in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, by researchers from the University of North Carolina. The findings indicate that GDD can occur after a single injection of gadolinium-based MRI dyes.

In December 2017, the FDA announced new MRI contrast dye warnings about the risk of gadolinium building up in the body, urging doctors to consider this factor when deciding whether to give a gadolinium injection to patients, especially when MRI exams are scheduled close together.

Studies published in June 2018 warned that humans may also be exposed to gadolinium used in contrast dyes once it has been disposed of and consumed by fish, and that newer contrast dyes appeared to carry fewer health risks.

An increasing body of evidence suggests that certain types of gadolinium contrast dyes are more likely to leave behind deposits of the toxic chemical than others. They belong to a class of dyes known as linear gadolinium contrast agents. They are typically older, and include products like Magnevist, MultiHance, Omniscan and Eovist. Macrocyclic gadolinium contrast agents include products like Gadavist, ProHance and Dotarem.

A growing number of lawsuits over gadoliniun deposition disease are now being pursued in courts nationwide, alleging that the manufacturers knew or should have known about the risks, yet withheld important warnings from consumers and the medical community.

PRIOR GADOLINIUM SETTLEMENTS: The recent cases come after the manufacturers previously agreed to pay millions in gadolinium settlements for individuals diagnosed with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF).

Some of the symptoms of Gadolinium Deposition Disease appear to be very similar to NSF, which can cause excessive formation of connective tissues in the skin and organs, resulting in tissue thickening and hardening, particularly in the skin, and on the limbs and trunk. It can severely limit movement of the joints, causes severe pain and can lead to death in some cases.

In recent years, the risk of NSF has largely been avoided by not using gadolinium contrast agents among individuals with kidney problems, highlighting the importance of warnings provided by the manufacturers.

CONTACT A GADOLINIUM DEPOSITION DISEASE LAWYER: As a result of the manufacturers’ failure to thoroughly research the effects of gadolinium on the body, and their failure to provide adequate warnings about the risk of gadolinium building up in the bodies of individuals with normal kidney functions, financial compensation may be available through a Gadolinium Deposition Disease lawsuit.

If warnings and information about the risk of gadolinium injections had been provided, many patients may not have chosen to receive the dyes, and some cases of gadolinium injuries may have been avoided.

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  1. Steph Reply

    I had MRI with gadolinium contrast and became sick during and after and I was told it was not the contrast and contrast is rare to cause problems and it was dismissed and moved on to something else

  2. Vivian Reply

    I had a MRI with contrast and became sick during and after and I was told it was not the contrast and contrast is rare to cause problems. I’ve suffered greatly since. I have all kinds of numb & phantom nerve pains through out my body ever since.

  3. Anne Reply

    Gadolinium contains PEG.
    PEG is polyethylene glycol a NEUROTOXIN known to cause seizures and neuropsychiatric events, among a plethora of other unbelievable adverse side effects. Big pHARMa is Selling Suckness!

  4. zofia Reply

    Halfway through the MRI with contrast severe pain hit the back of my head my neck ,jaw and ears that was 3 yrs ago March 2016.. I cannot put my head on a pillow at night the pressure makes it hurt more, my right foot feels like the skin is shrinking and my bones want to burst out with crawly things under my skin. 3 days after the MRI I started sneezing and have not stopped. The pain has moved up to my left shin there seems to be no end.

  5. Cheryle Reply

    My daughter’s Oncologist is trying to FORCE her to have a contrast dye MRI. She is noted to be allergic on her past pathology report.

    She requested a diagnostic ultrasound, c-ractive [inflammatory markers] blood test, and a biopsy if need be – to prove that she is cancer-free and that her pain is because of her post-masectomy scar adhesion – however, he stated that she MUST have the gadolinium-based breast MRI before she can continue with fat-grafting into her adhesion to the chest wall post-masectomy scar [the surgery would relieve her of the under the scar sliding nerve pain].

    She is being held hostage. Patient [informed] Rights and The Women’s Cancer Right Act are being ignoted

  6. Divine Reply

    Cheryle… Unfortunately, I was told the same exact thing from my oncologists/previous bc surgeon. In order to determine if the cancer is gone… you must have a CONTRAST DYE MRI!! And so I did… I’ve had 3-4 since 2013.

    It’s HORRIBLE & UNHumane the way they treat an Butcher us Women with BC… from testing methods to so-called treatments [MISTreatments] mastectomy, chemo, radiation, reconstruction.

    I wish you and your daughter well!!

  7. Jennifer Reply

    I had an mri in my 1st trimester and my daughter was born with cataracts, small eyes and nystagmus. It was caused by the MRI but the head of MRI Safety refused to acknowledge this. There’s written proof from UCSF that show lab animals offspring being born with severe eye abnormalities and cataracts post MRI in first tri mester. My daughter can never drive and has had to undergo 14 eye surgeries and this all could’ve been prevented. She’s had a rough life no thanks to the MRI safety board. Losers.

  8. tara Reply

    I’ve had several MRI’s with headaches and having weird dreams, pain in my kidneys, and waking up not knowing where I’m at. Also with the feeling of something crawling throughout my body
    Its scary!

  9. Michael Reply

    I have had several MRI’S within a month apart , brain and spine with contrast and I have been feeling wierd. Crazy dreams, taste buds off, pins & sticking sensations over body. Also brain fog. While I was getting the injection, I ask the radiologist about it feeling cold and the nasty taste but the said it’s okay? Now ,I’m feeling abnormal!!

  10. Alice Reply

    I have had four MRIs since 2017, the last one May 2019. Three were to find out why I am unable to walk sometimes due to joint pain. I have a constant burning sensation in my body. My eye twitches at times very embarrassing. I sometimes stutter. I had a cyst blow up on my ovary. Now I feel the same pain in my side forming as well as my right arm. I am so fustrated because doctors have no clue what is wrong with me. Lawyers that handle Gadolinium toxicity cases are not in my area. The lawyers who do are filled. Meanwhile I get worse by the day. I can not work no more because of my consant pain. I dare those drug companies to do there own product based Gadolinium. I was perfectly healthy and active before my MRIs now my life is very limit because of MRIs. Also Lighthouse is a good information site for pepole with Gadolinium toxicity. I would wish this on no one. I hope the mayo clinic or someone trying to cure or prove Gadolinium toxicity is real will accept my donated body when I die.

  11. Becky Reply

    I have had multiple dye contrast MRI’S IN JUST A YEAR ALONE, NOT COUNTING THE ONES I HAVE HAD SINCE THE YEAR 2000.
    All symptoms listed I have along with a kidney stone that was 70% aluminum which my specialist surgeon had never even seen before he even googled me to see if he could find out the reason for this. I get severe hot red burning on left shoulder blade , the tingling in hands , fingers along with my feet . Ha5d cracking skin , joints that hu
    r so bad it lets like a fire burning feeling . Joints and my lower back and shoulder blades r unbearable.
    Thank you

  12. Jerri Reply

    From 1997-2005 I had 18 plus gadolinium injections. I live with every symptom that is listed on the side effects (except coma). Medical records document all symptoms. My lawyer returned my files because a judge ruled against some evidence. I wish I could trade places with that judge for two days. My tendons are so hard I have to have shots to keep moving. Tendons are all over the body and they cause choking, no balance, very rigid body. Pain all the time with headaches. Hot leg then cold arm. The list goes on. Will there be a classaction? What is this Judges connections to the drug companies?

  13. James Reply

    I have contacted several Attorneys and they say they no longer handle gadolinium issues. I also have had about a dozen MRI’s with contrast for 2 brain tumors. No one told me it was dangerous. I developed brain fog and now memory issue and tendon issues and muscle and bone issue, lots of headaches all the time. These issues happened all at the same time. I guess we are all SOL because no one wants to fight for us. They all seem to want a quick buck off of our pain. I am so tired of lawyers and judges.

  14. V Reply

    My son’s gadolinium level is quite elevated after having ann MRI contrast with gadavist. Mayo Clinic’s 1 doctor dealing with gadolinium has denied his request for help.
    We have not found any other doctor that has worked with these patients – hopefully , successfully.

    Anyone know of a doctor that treats this or a doctor who has been used as an expert witness in a lawsuit ?

  15. Sandy Reply

    I would like to thank those sufferers for sharing their medical problems with this toxin. I received spiritual input after I got injected in 2015 that there should be informed consent, this dye, in distant years does result in death to some but it is a difficult puzzle to trace back to. I noted in my next 2020 injection that I did indeed have to sign a paper that I was informed of the risks of this toxin. It was so lame I could throw up. They are concealing to a vomitous degree, oh gee, we know it stays in your system…they know a hell of lot more and neither the person who injected me would tell me if it actually helped that much to see that much better; also the neurologist who analyzed my scan was totally silent when I asked. I also received spiritual input on the genotoxicity of the MRI, an issue I had no idea existed. It acts as erosion, the deeper generation, the more genetic flaws will accrue, was some of this spiritual input. I checked out a scientific paper hence and while they are seeing that dna strands are breaking, they are seeing that they are healing. If I ever finish my psychic autobiography, the title is Holy Allurements, Journal of a Revolutionary and Her Spiritual Guest. I’m thinking about including some of the input I read from the above list verbatim.

  16. Michael Reply

    I’m sorry for you guys pain I too know it I was in a car crash and I injected mulitable times with that contract for scans, there’s no easy way to remove it but zeolite powders and c60 will slowly help but will take some time god bless.

  17. Dasn Reply

    I had an allergic reaction to magnavist (hives) and had to be transferred to ER. It has been many years since that MRI but since then, I have been tested for Lymes, RA, gout, etc. Major joint pain, neck pain and brain fog in last 2 years.

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